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ONS recording of deaths are delayed by up to a year; it is only now we are getting a glimpse of the magnitude of the ‘Covid’ fake vaccine death toll

After one of his subscribers donated time and money to obtain the data from the UK Office for National Statistics (“ONS”), Joel Smalley has analysed the data for England and Wales of deaths by date and age at time of death.

The ONS claims that deaths are registered and recorded by them within a week or so of the event occurring.  But this new data shows this is NOT the case – there is up to a year in delay of deaths being recorded. 

Based on this new data, in July 2021 the deaths for the 25 to 44 age bracket represented an unprecedented 6 sigma event – a clear post-covid-injection mortality signal “missed” by UK officials.

“The new cumulative excess mortality series starts on 02 July 2021, two weeks after the peak of the jab campaign … In six months, we can revisit this when the few thousand missing deaths are finally reported and see where the post-jab era really tallies – much higher,” Smalley wrote.

Unprecedented Mortality Signal in Young Brits of July ’21 “Missed” by the Officials

By Joel Smalley

Thanks to the efforts (and expense) of a subscriber, the ONS has released a dataset of deaths by date of occurrence and age for England and Wales, complementing the dataset I sponsored for England only.

This allows us to make a direct comparison between the deaths that actually occurred with the deaths the ONS report in their weekly bulletins, which rather inconveniently do not separate the data between the two countries (yes, Wales really is a country in its own right).

If you plot the two data series for all ages, you see what the lazy ONS management sees.

Notwithstanding the obvious delays around Christmas and some in Easter and summer, you fool yourself into thinking, meh, there’s about a 1-week delay in the majority of cases so, we’ll just keep churning out crap analyses based on this data, no matter what that upstart, armchair analyst keeps telling us.

But, by now, we all know that you can’t just lump all the ages together and jump to such conclusions, don’t we?! Not that we should… it’s their job – if only they would do it properly.

When you break it down by age, even aggregating 15 to 44-year-olds (ONS age bucket from the 2018 report), the picture is somewhat different:

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