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Morbidity lawyer: ‘A Marburg pandemic could be caused by lipid nanoparticles releasing into fake-vaccinated people using 5G as the trigger’

During a recent discussion with Man in America host Seth Holehouse, Todd Callender warned that covid was round one and was setting the stage for round two. Round two could be far worse than covid because it potentially relates to the contents of the covid “vaccines” which, using 5G as the trigger, could release the next pandemic.

But there are prophylactics and treatments, Callender explained. And so “we don’t have to be afraid, we don’t have to run to the quarantine centres, we don’t have to fall on bended knee with mask in hand.”

To stop this now, before more people are killed, he said, we have to get law enforcement to understand what is happening and get them to arrest those perpetrators that are within their capacity to do so.  All public servants, including the military, need to understand what is happening and work together to stop this.

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Todd Callender is an American lawyer. He has worked in the disability, health and life insurance industry for more than 20 years and focuses on the international convergence of biomedical, morbidity and mortality risks in the global legal context.  He currently serves as lead plaintiff’s counsel in the ongoing federal litigation relating to the compulsory covid vaccination of members of the US Armed Services.

Using patents and government research, Callender explained to Holehouse that using 5G to trigger the release of a previously injected pathogen has already been explored and tested, and in the US the legal instruments to deal with a Marburg pandemic are already in place.

The US Congress published a notice in the Federal Register on 9 December 2020 to declare a Marburg pandemic:

“I think there have been 10 Marburg deaths over 40 years so this is not what you could call a pandemic.  But nonetheless, the Secretary of Health Human Services saw fit to make such a declaration way back in 2020,” Callender said. “We are, according to our own government, in the middle of a Marburg pandemic.”

The US government declared the “Marburg pandemic” not because there is a pandemic but because it suspends the American Constitution, and the right to informed consent and not to be experimented on with “vaccines.”

With covid, the declaration of a national health emergency suspended the Constitution and effectively placed Americans under martial law, Callender explained.  The declaration of a public health emergency suspended our human rights such as the prohibition of medical experiments on people without informed consent. “[With covid] they experimented on us without consent because our human rights … were suspended,” he said.

In the second half of his discussion with Holehouse, Callender discussed the Bureau of Justice’s initiative ‘The Role of Law Enforcement in Public Health Emergencies’.  An initiative that was launched shortly after the World Health Organisation’s 2005 International Health Regulations were adopted.

The US Department of Justice created the Bureau of Justice which combines four different law enforcement agencies.  When a public health emergency is declared, “law enforcement, public health, corrections (that’s jail) and the judiciary (that’s our courts) all become one under the Bureau of Justice,” Callender said.

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