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Alternative’ media-hijacking Musk with Cult-owned Netanyahu – the truth is between the lines

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s met with Twitter/X owner Elon Musk on Monday as part of a public discussion on the dangers of artificial intelligence.

The Washington Post reported last week the meeting was going to be to discuss “anti-Semitism on X,” whereas Musk said it was going to be about AI.

Though it was mostly about AI — which Israel is seeking to take a leading role in — Netanyahu also told Musk he hopes he can work within the “confines” of the First Amendment to “stop anti-Semitism” on X.

Musk responded by saying he’s “against attacking any group, doesn’t matter who it is.”

“Obviously I’m against anti-Semitism, I’m against anti— really anything that promotes hate and conflict,” he added.

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Elon’s X Is Working with Israeli ID Verification Company

Elon Musk has made speech free again over on X (which is still located at for some reason). He’s totally based and red-pilled, and has got the “globalists” shaking in their boots. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

Elon is now working with AU10TIX to add an ID verification system to X. AU10TIX is based out of Israel, so we’ll all be in good hands!

You can even see the community notes are verifying this information, but just saying it won’t be needed for the throttled, non-check accounts.

Obviously this company is connected to Israeli intelligence. I would not be surprised if most of their engineers come from Unit 8200, but I have not yet had time to dig into that information.

StopCommonPass on X writes:

AU10TIX is a subsidiary of ICTS International, est. 1982 by former members of ‘Shin Bet’ (Israel’s equivalent of MI5) & former security of El Al airlines. One of the other subsidiaries is ‘Huntleigh USA’ who were responsible for screening/safety at Boston/Newark during 9/11.

This is all going according to plan. This push ID/biometric verification for using the internet is a big part of the WEF (kosher) plan us.

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