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“Hypocrite” Sadiq Khan and His Team Rack up More Than 430,000 Air Miles Since He Was Elected London Mayor in 2016

Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London, and his entourage are facing backlash for accumulating a staggering 430,000 air miles since 2016, despite presenting himself as an advocate for environmental causes. The Mail has more.

Sadiq Khan, his deputies and officials have racked up more than 430,000 air miles since he was first elected London Mayor in 2016, analysis shows.

The Labour politician, who has positioned himself as a champion of environmental causes, attracted condemnation yesterday as he flew to the U.S. for a climate summit.

He is expected to use the trip to promote his Ultra Low Emission Zone (Ulez), which he claims will reduce deaths caused by air pollution, after expanding the scheme last month.

He flew to New York with five aides to attend the UN General Assembly and take part in the Climate Ambition Summit and is also due to appear alongside Prince William at the Earthshot Prize Innovation Summit.

Mr. Khan is flying despite repeatedly saying he wants to clean up the air, and analysis shows his latest trip has sent the number of air miles clocked up by him and his team to 430,000.

That is enough to fly around the world 17 times and is estimated to have pumped out 200 tons of carbon into the atmosphere.

The latest New York trip alone will account for 41,412 of the air miles total, when all six attendees and both legs of the journey are taken into account. …

Howard Cox, an academic who opposes the Ulez expansion, said: “What a hypocrite the London Mayor is. This typifies our capital’s clueless, dishonest leader who is so out of touch with grassroot voters who won’t forget his hypocrisy at next year’s ballot box.”

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