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Difference Between UFC and Boxing

Audiences globally are drawn to combat sports thanks to their intense competitiveness, jaw-dropping techniques, and remarkable physicality. Boxing and UFC are two of the most prominent disciplines in this arena. Different in terms of technique, strategy, and rule set, hand-to-hand combat between the two sports contrasts greatly. Why do fans favor one over the other? Discover five substantial variances within this blog.

Key Differences Between UFC and Boxing

To the average casual observer or the uninterested layman, the biggest differences between UFC and football, although significant, may not always be obvious. Fret not! Here we have provided a list of the key differences between these two exciting forms of action-packed sports that’s sure to help you get some valuable knowledge:

Fighting Styles and Techniques

Within the diverse array of fighting styles and techniques employed lies the most striking difference between UFC boxing. Primarily, strikes with fists come into play when focusing on boxing. On the other hand, nuanced combat styles like wrestling, Brazilian jiu-jutsui, Muay Thai, and traditional martial arts all fall under the umbrella of UFC. Boxing relies mainly on the engagement between fists of the participants involved; however, in UFC’s case, by making use of distinct body areas, athletes in the UFC may create a wide range of moves, producing a less predictable fight. Such fights make for high-quality entertainment, and you can access them through UFC streaming sites.

Fight Duration and Rounds

Fights differ significantly, with their duration and organization being two key factors. With each round lasting 3 minutes, boxing matches consist of 12 rounds overall. Depending on how the fight goes, one might end up winning via KO/TKO or a unanimous decision. On the contrary, UFC fights differ in length. Five minutes per round, fights are divided into five rounds for championship bouts. Thanks to strikes-ending possibilities, UFC competitions tend to have briefer rounds than those of boxing.

Attire and Protective Gear

Competitors in UFC and boxing are set apart by their apparel and safety equipment. With bare minimum padding for hand protection, boxers wear gloves and shorts. Unlike boxers, UFC fighters don protective gear ranging from padded gloves to shin guards plus mouthguards. They also wear other equipment, such as grappling shorts or compression pants. Protection and flexibility are hallmarks of UFC apparel.

Weight Classes

UFC and boxing rely on weight classes to maintain fair, competitive ground. There may be differences in weight classes and divisions between the two disciplines, and a more extensive range of weight classes in boxing allows boxers with different physiques to compete. On the contrary, UFC has fewer weight classes, which leads to a more complicated process of weight cutting and fighters shifting between categories. Sports disparities have far-reaching implications for competitive balance and strategy.

Fighting Surface and Environment

In stark contrast to each other, UFC and boxing have drastically different combat surfaces and atmospheres. Square or rectangular rings protected by padding are customarily where boxing matchups happen. These high-energy matches are often quite intense and fierce, and there are many free boxing stream apps where you can watch them. From a visual perspective to fighting tactics, the Octagon has far-reaching effects. An octagonal configuration allows for a greater range of motion and spontaneity, making matches more interesting.


While UFC and boxing are both forms of sports that involve a significant amount of brawn combined with strategizing and intellectual prowess in the field of physical strength application, they are both vastly different from each other. Scrutinizing their features over various sets of key parameters, it becomes quite apparent that in terms of scope of fights, duration, weight class, and environment, UFC and boxing are vastly different from one another.

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