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Biometrics Replacing IDs in Airports, Backing Them for Government Services

Face biometrics continue to underpin advances speeding travelers through airports, with Idemia participating in a digital ID pilot for travel and tipping the capabilities of next-generation scanners. National digital ID programs were also in the news with ID Day approaching. Kenya is starting again, Ethiopia is moving ahead, and the Philippines is getting phones with biometric technology from Totm. An interview with Onfido’s CEO and a major change by NIST were also among the week’s most read articles on Biometric Update.

A pilot of Digital Travel Credentials for air travel between the Netherlands and Canada is back on, using a smartphone app from Idemia. The pilot was described during an FTE webinar featuring representatives of airlines, the TSA and CBP. The next generation of the Idemia ID scanners used in a growing number of U.S. airports will be able to accept DTCs, an executive with the company says.

The new terminal at Kansas City International Airport features capabilities for Global Entry members to use biometrics and mobile devices without physical documentation, in most cases. The extent to which trusted travellers are monitored has been revealed, meanwhile, with the discovery fine print stating that the U.S. checks all against criminal and no-fly lists every 24 hours.

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