Posted by G.S. Luthra Posted on 17 September 2023

AI-Generated Art Will Never Be as Good as Human-Made Art

Fearing AI replacing artist, writers, an alike already assumes that AI is better than humans. It’s like throwing in the towel without even putting up fight. The debate of man versus machine is an age-old dialogue, but the reality is that if needed, humans can do anything a machine can, and in most cases, better. However, in a complex society, man becomes bored of repetitious tedious tasks which require little to no brain power. For instance, a person could be assembling a box and thinking about what he’s going have for dinner later later that night without even paying attention to what he’s doing. People do it while driving, and during boring classroom lectures because humans are capable of mental and motor automation, and tend to do it better and faster than machines. However, man made machines to outsource the rut labor, so his mind is free to pursue the higher, more important things in life.

Man is the creator, and machines are the servants. After the invention of the modern computer and the development of just-in-time / on-demand driven automation, machines were made to better meet consumer demands, hence AI was brought in. However, it is just an imitation of intelligence, nothing more, nothing less. The new so called advanced robotics are just algorithms blended together with facial expressions and gestures of human likeness inside a metal body to give the simulated experience of interacting with a human. In other words, man makes robot his jester, to give him the satisfaction of being real. Bots must look, act, and behave like people for the amusement of people. AI are cheap slaves built to make people richer. They can’t think for themselves, but rather only act out algorithms giving the illusion that they can. Sure they could harm, but only if a person programs it to.

Robots cannot do anything that we can’t see or trace back to its programming. Giving them consciousness is something else, but that’s a different discussion.

But why do we spend so much time and money in making machines smarter than people, why not make people smarter and healthier?

AI may be used to automate art, writing, and video production, but so what? Anyone with a cerebral lobe will be able to spot the mechanical bland tone. AI still won’t be able to create original quality art like humans do, but rather just be used to automate things.

The way it “creates” is by manipulating previously created content by humans similar to a graphic designer. In essence, AI-generated content is nothing more than recycled human generated junk, with some added effects. That’s what the so called artificial “intelligence” really is.

A man can easily imitate mechanical movements via robot dancing, but it costs millions just to make a robot do human basic actions. So let corporations blow money and use AI, all it is going to do is expose and distinguish the amateurs from the real artists.

Skilled artists who are good at what they do, don’t fear AI. They don’t see it as a threat, but a tool to do away with tedious tasks that don’t deserve their time when they’d be better devoting their attention to other parts of a project. Should they choose to implement it, efficiency is likely the reason. Not as a replacement, but to help automate what they already have been doing.

AI will help great artists do their work faster with less hassle, period.

Besides, the technology has already been around for a while, it’s just becoming more available to people.


With that being said, check out Morey Goldstein, a new cartoon comic with Woke-Free humor. Go find any AI that can top that.

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