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“As a Heating Engineer, It’s Clear Customers Will Be Left Without Heating Entirely Because They Can’t Afford a Heat Pump”

A Daily Sceptic reader who’s a heating engineer has got in touch to say that with the approaching ban on gas and oil boilers, he can easily foresee the day when customers will be left without heating and hot water entirely because they can’t afford a heat pump.

I have been a Heating Engineer for the last 25 years and am horrified at where our Uniparty politicians are taking us with their Carbon Net Zero lunacy. I have seen a memo from Worcester Bosch stating that it is going to be fined from 2024 if it sells more than 20,000 gas boilers or 1,000 oil boilers and as a result will have to pass the cost on to the consumer. I have completed a hydronics course and it is obvious that heat pumps are at best expensive and in a great many cases totally unsuitable for a lot of our housing stock. I can already see a situation where I attend a boiler breakdown and find that the boiler can’t be repaired and with this new legislation that the customer won’t be able to afford a new boiler or a heat pump and will be left with no heating or hot water.

This is much the same legislation that has been foisted on the motor industry where companies will be fined for selling too many petrol and diesel cars so have pulled models such as the Ford Fiesta. We seem to be heading headlong into a Net Zero disaster that none of us voted for or were even given a choice. There is an election coming and most people seem unaware that the four main parties are all signed up to this madness.

Ditch the ban, Sunak. It’s the right policy, it’s the popular policy. The contribution of U.K. boilers to world CO2 emissions is truly miniscule, even on official estimates. The only people who’ll complain are the green lunatics who think the world is going to end unless we follow through on such self-destructive, pointless gestures. Drop the eco-extremism and reap the rewards.

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