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Gaetz Unloads on McCarthy For Serving Biden Crime Family, Vows to Lead Resistance Against “Uniparty”

Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) unloaded on Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy for failing to hold the Biden crime family accountable and warned McCarthy that he would be removed from his role if he didn’t uphold his January agreement.

Gaetz stressed that even if Democrats bail out McCarthy, he will lead a resistance against the uniparty and the “Biden-McCarthy-Jeffries government.”

“Mr. Speaker, you boasted in January that we would use the power of the subpoena and the power of the purse. But here we are eight months later and we haven’t even sent the first subpoena to Hunter Biden,” said Gaetz Tuesday on the House floor. “There’s been insufficient accountability for the Biden crime family, and instead of cutting spending to raise the debt limit, you relied on budgetary gimmicks and rescissions so that you ultimately ended up serving as the valet to underwrite Biden’s debt and advance his spending agenda.” 

“If tens of millions of dollars flowing from foreign corrupt people into the bank accounts of the Biden family wasn’t enough for actual impeachment, why were we even looking?”

“Mr. Speaker, dust off our written January agreement. You have a copy. Reflect on the spirit of that agreement and build on the start that we had moments ago. Begin to comply. No continuing resolutions, individual spending bills or bust. Votes on balanced budgets and term limits. Subpoenas for Hunter Biden and the members of the Biden family who have been grifting off of this country and the impeachment for Joe Biden that he so richly deserves.

Let me alert the country. A motion to vacate might not pass at first. But it might before the 15th vote. And if Democrats bail out McCarthy, as they may do, then I will lead the resistance to this uni-party and the Biden-McCarthy-Jeffries government that they are attempting to build.

I know that Washington isn’t a town where people are known for keeping their word. Well, Speaker McCarthy, I’m here to hold you to yours.”

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