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Cult-Owned DHS Secretary Mayorkas: Biden’s Open-Border Policy That’s Allowed 7.2 Million Illegal Aliens Into U.S. Has Been ‘Model Approach That Has Proven to Work’

Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas hailed Joe Biden’s immigration policy that’s allowed 7.2 million illegal aliens flood into the U.S. as a “model approach that has proven to work.”

“We are challenged by an unprecedented level of of displacement in the Western Hemisphere of historic proportions,” Mayorkas told CNN on Tuesday.

“We have responded with a model approach that has proven to work, which is to build lawful pathways for individuals to arrive in a safe and orderly way and to deliver consequences for those who don’t meet them.”


Under Biden, at least 7.2 million illegal aliens have entered the U.S., including 1.4 million “gotaways” whose whereabouts in the country are currently unknown.

Given the Democrats’ open-borders philosophy, allowing a staggering 7.2 million illegal migrants into the country probably does represent a “model approach” in their view.

Recall that Biden in 2019 during a presidential debate encouraged illegal aliens to surge the southern border if he became president.

“I would in fact make sure that there is- we immediately surge to the border all those who are seeking asylum,” Biden said. “They deserve to be heard! That’s who we are! We are a nation that says that you want to flee, you’re fleeing oppression, you should come!”


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