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Mayor Adams says the world’s greatest city will be destroyed by the migrant crisis … after HE fought to make New York an immigrant sanctuary. Yet all those who warned him were trashed as racists!

I almost felt bad for Mayor Eric Adams last week as he woefully lamented the coming destruction of New York City being wrought by President Biden’s ballooning migrant crisis.


Sympathy would have been more forthcoming if Adams, and frankly almost every American politician with a D after their name, hadn’t spent years embracing and perpetuating the hairbrained policies that caused this mess, simultaneously silencing anyone who dared to speak out against them.

Here’s what a defeated Adams told the citizens of Gotham on Wednesday: ‘Never in my life have I had a problem that I did not see an ending to. I don’t see an ending to this… This issue will destroy New York City.’

Not might destroy. Not could destroy. Will destroy.

What a difference two years can make. Adams campaigned in 2021 promising to preserve the New York’s ‘sanctuary city’ status.

‘We should protect our immigrants. Period,’ he said then. Now he wants them gone.

Adams has been demanding action from the federal government for several months, as more than 110,000 migrants have flooded the Big Apple’s streets in the past year and Bidenville tent cities have proliferated.

But this time he sounded more desperate. This was abject surrender.

Can you blame him? The greatest, most powerful city in world history, a veritable modern Rome – which he is charged with defending – is now on the brink of ruin.

On Staten Island, fiery protests erupted in recent days as hundreds of desperate residents reached boiling point over their disappearing commuter safe-haven. Space is fast running out, with a former Catholic school and even nursing homes being converted into asylum housing.

On Manhattan it’s the same story. Parks are littered with make-shift shelters. Swanky hotels are now closed to public use, transformed into towering temples of failure.

Outside the Roosevelt Hotel, across from Grand Central Station, scores of men line the sidewalk, sleeping on cardboard and under sleeping bags. Even this 1,000-room establishment can’t contain the influx.

At least 41 people have been arrested at the Roosevelt in recent months, largely for domestic-violence offenses. One victim was 11 years old.

In Brooklyn, pretty public schools are bursting at the seams. New York’s beleaguered education system has taken on some 21,000 new migrant students this year alone. Many are unvaccinated. Most speak no English. The Department of Education’s solution? Schools must simply make do and hire a translator.

Violent crime is rocketing. Posh neighbourhood streets are carpeted in feces and trash. Subway stations now substitute for homeless shelters and mental asylums. Young families avoid walking outside after dark.

This farce has cost Adams’s administration $3.6 billion this fiscal year. The bill could top $12 billion by 2025. Yet Biden’s White House has sent a meagre $140 million to soften the blow.

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