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Jaw-dropping evidence that GOP will use against Joe Biden is revealed as Republicans launch impeachment inquiry into President’s ties to son Hunter’s shady business dealings

President Joe Biden faces an impeachment vote over his alleged ties to his son Hunter’s business dealings – many of which have been uncovered by

Emails, texts, photos and documents unearthed by this publication have added to a still-growing body of evidence suggesting that Joe may have been improperly involved in Hunter‘s shady foreign deals, including when he was Vice President.

That evidence has now prompted House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to call a Thursday meeting of top Republicans to plan a vote on impeaching the President.

Impeachment could give GOP investigators more powers to obtain bank statements and other documents to root out any possible financial links Joe had with his son.

It could also see Hunter hauled in front of Congress to testify under oath.

In the past two years, has revealed whistleblower allegations that Joe was acting as a ‘chairman of the board’ in his son’s Latin American online gambling firm; that he shared bills with Hunter; discussed his son’s business dealings with an alleged Chinese spy; collected up to $5.2 million in unexplained income; met with 15 of Hunter’s business associates; and was named in multiple emails as a partner in the First Son’s schemes.

In November 2022 we predicted that the investigation would lead to an impeachment push.

The evidence uncovered by has been used by chairs of the House Oversight, Ways and Means, and Judiciary committees to probe the Biden family further since Republicans took control of the House in January.

And according to a CNN poll released last Thursday, 61 percent of Americans now believe that then-VP Biden ‘had some involvement’ in Hunter’s business dealings and 42 percent responded that Joe acted ‘illegally.’

Some of the Congressional lines of investigation involve alleged criminal actions by Hunter – including apparent illicit transportation of prostitutes across state lines, revealed by in July last year.

House Oversight Chair James Comer says he is now probing Hunter’s alleged links to trafficking.

Other areas involve the President’s alleged involvement with Hunter’s shady dealings – a probe which could be ramped up using the special powers afforded by an impeachment – if a majority of House members vote in favor.

Read on for a summary of the key elements of the GOP probe, many unearthed by

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