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Cancers Rise Dramatically in Tandem With ‘Covid’ Fake Vaccinations

This release reports increased trends of cancer incidence that suddenly accelerated after the vaccine rollout began. First, we consider what the media are currently reporting about rising cancer incidence and then what they could have investigated but haven’t.

A study published in BMJ Oncology this month entitled “Global trends in incidence, death, burden and risk factors of early-onset cancer from 1990 to 2019” has reported a 79.1% rise in cancer incidence among people under 50 years of age during the last thirty years. This averages to a 2.6% annual rise. Over 350 news outlets around the world have published articles reporting the results.

Developed nations, including North America, Western Europe, and Oceania (that’s us), are disproportionately affected. The authors suggest that:

Dietary risk factors (diet high in red meat, low in fruits, high in sodium and low in milk, etc), alcohol consumption and tobacco use are the main risk factors underlying early-onset cancers.”

In addition to these factors, the authors also explain that changes in life-style and environment since the turn of the 20th century, resulting in increased rates of obesity, physical inactivity, westernised processed diets, and environmental pollution, may have affected the incidence of early-onset cancer.

These are, of course alarming figures. Concern has been widely registered around the world. More than 1 million under 50s now die annually from cancer worldwide. The identification of possible causes in the study is helpful. It points to factors that are particularly prevalent in richer nations.

What Has Been Happening Since 2019?

You might have noticed that the study covers data up to the end of 2019, and you are perhaps wondering what is happening now. If you have been reading our reports, you probably know that up-to-date data on specific disease categories is hard to come by and might just be subject to some form of suppression. You have to dig around to get a hold of the current situation.

Phinance Technologies, a company specialising in independent data mining and consultation, has published an analysis of UK disability claims over the last seven years ( Analysis-Systems.htm). The total number of new claims for Personal Independence Payments (PIPs) for all ages and all causes made by people claiming disability is graphed as follows:

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