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Super fascist Netherlands prosecutes politician Gideon van Meijeren for incitement in blatantly political attack on defenders of freedom.

Super fascist Netherlands prosecutes politician Gideon van Meijeren for incitement in blatantly political attack on defenders of freedom. Dutch people who don’t believe they live in an extremist tyranny must have taken a very strong sleeping pill (so many have)

The Netherlands has not been a democratic constitutional state for a long time. We on the right have been saying this for a long time, but today it has become very clear. The Public Prosecution Service has decided to prosecute Gideon van Meijeren for “incitement” on the basis of a few statements taken out of context. He is accused of preaching violence against the state. A crazy accusation, but also one that is reminiscent of the case against Donald Trump in America.

According to the Public Prosecution Service, this concerns not one, but “two cases of incitement” last year. “The suspect suggested that violence against the government is permitted and perhaps even necessary. According to the Public Prosecution Service, the man was guilty of incitement to violence against the government,” said the Public Prosecution Service, which is clearly being used as a political weapon.

The Public Prosecution Service then takes a few statements out of context in which Van Meijeren indicates that resistance to a dictatorial government that does not respect the rights of citizens and even clearly violates them, can be permitted.

“A politician must be able to raise matters of general interest, even if he may thereby hurt, shock or alarm others. At the same time, a politician also bears the responsibility in the public debate to prevent him from spreading statements that are contrary to the law.” and with the basic principles of the rule of law,” according to the Public Prosecution Service – which apparently no longer has any interest in concepts such as ‘justice’ and ‘fairness.’

An attack on democracy

It doesn’t get more raunchy and, above all, scarier than this. Van Meijeren keeps saying – in the House of Representatives and beyond – that he is in favor of peaceful resistance. He advocates civil disobedience, a type of protest that is completely accepted both in the Netherlands and abroad and even has a long history.

The fact that the Public Prosecution Service is now trying to possibly put Van Meijeren behind bars (!) with a few statements taken out of context says more about the democratic constitutional state in our country than about the FVD politician. It means that the rule of law no longer exists. This is clearly an attack on a very critical opposition politician who is so hated by the establishment that they want to eliminate him in every possible way. If not for good, then for bad.

The establishment simply abuses the strong arm of the law to eliminate politically dangerous opponents – possibly by forcing them out of politics, but perhaps even by literally putting them behind bars. Years ago we thought this kind of thing was only possible in backward third world countries. No longer. Now they also happen in America and even in the Netherlands.

This is clearly a direct attack on our democracy: the timing of this announcement by the Public Prosecution Service, just two months before the 2023 House of Representatives elections , says it all. They are trying to either get Van Meijeren off the FVD electoral list or punish him so much that he cannot even take a seat in the House, even if he is elected. Oh, and at the same time they of course think they can damage his party FVD with bad media attention (‘look how dangerous FVD is!’).

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