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The Problem with Smart Meters -Worldwide Testimonies

On Tuesday 5th Sep 2023 the UK Parliament quietly approved a bill clearing the way towards forcing British citizens to have smart meters installed in their homes and for individual electrical appliances including; fridges, dishwashers, and washers to be fitted with smart functions (Source). The key to smart functionality is that these appliances can be operated externally “in response to load signals” which means that smart meters will soon allow for your energy to be rationed remotely or even cut off completely according to the Smart Tyranny coalition.

We are being put into a position where it will be hard to refuse as the state has plans to force non-compliant residences into having a smart meter installed or face a £15,000 fine. “The replacement of traditional gas and electricity meters with smart meters is an essential national infrastructure upgrade for Great Britain” we are told by the government which is promoting the use of a smart meter as a money-saving device. (source).

This may have enticed the 33 million homes and small businesses in Britain that already have smart and advanced meters installed, but individuals have felt pressured into having them due to relentless overzealous electricity providers who have been working to reach their companies’ “binding annual installation targets” to roll out smart and advanced meters since 2022.

Now their focus is on installing the smart meters in the remaining “non-smart” customers by the end of 2025, which can only mean they will now have to ramp up the pressure for us all to have them against our will.

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