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How Nature Has Reclaimed the Streets of Brighton After Woke Council’s ‘Rewilding’ Plan

Brighton’s ‘green utopia’ has transformed into more of a leafy jungle ever since the Green-led council decided to ban herbicides back in 2019. The Mail caught up with residents to gauge public opinion on the ‘rewilding’ of the coastal city. Here’s an excerpt:

Some of the them stand up to five feet tall and completely block pathways used by children to get to school.

The weeds stray across pathways and pavements, climb lamp posts and signs and leave the elderly and disabled fearful of leaving their homes without a car.

Brighton has become the perfect example of how quickly nature reclaims the street if weeds are left unchecked.

But the ‘rewilding’ of the seaside city has become a hot issue and almost everyone has opinion.

Visitors say the weed infestation is making the normally dapper Regency resort look very down-at-heel and councillors say their email in-boxes are full with angry complaints.

The cause of the weed problem is the banning – by the Green-led council in 2019 – of glyphosate and other herbicides in the city.

Glyphosate is the active ingredient in many of the weed killers on sale in Britain and it has been claimed is a potential cause of cancer.

The local authority has blamed a number of factors including Brexit for the infestation saying it has affected the recruiting staff and ordering equipment.

But Brighton & Hove City Council caused fury earlier this year when it asked residents to work unpaid to weed pavements, kerbs and paths near their homes.

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