Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 10 September 2023

Vaccines and “Fabricated Propaganda”: The Character Assassination Directed against Robert Kennedy Jr.

Today, the largest purveyor of misinformation and fabricated propaganda is the US government, think tanks, compromised NGOs, social media and the mainstream corporate media. Behind this web and its false narratives is a network of powerful special interest groups who fund script writers and journalists, traitors to their profession, in order to promulgate their message. This certainly seems to be the case of a hit piece targeting Robert Kennedy Jr recently printed in the Libertarian publication Reason.

Liz Wolfe’s smear job is only one among many efforts to criticize and delegitimize Kennedy as a viable presidential candidate and to associate him with conspiracy theories.

The rise in Kennedy’s popularity in the polls clearly shows he represents a very real challenge to the status quo in Washington. As the campaign season proceeds, we can expect to see many more such sullied articles, and they will increase in direct proportion to the threats Kennedy poses to those in power.

For many, Kennedy’s appearance in the presidential race is a breath of fresh air for voters across the political spectrum. He represents those higher ideals of his father and his uncle JFK.

Traditional Democrats despair at the party’s lack of substance. This segment are older, more independent yet cling to the party out of loyalty while simultaneously being fed up with the Clinton Wall Street New Democrats and their duplicity, lack of traditional liberal ideals and its growing legacy of deceit and dishonesty.

This arrives at a time when a July Gallup poll found Americans’ faith in our political institutions at an historical low, with public confidence in the presidency at 26 percent and Congress at 8 percent. The television news and prejudiced print media, which Wolfe represents, are equally at dismal lows of 14 percent and 18 percent respectively.

Therefore it is understandable that Kennedy would worry the ideologues in Washington because they are at loggerheads over what might happen to their control over national policy if he were elected.

What they can be certain of is that Kennedy will not be as compliant and manageable as Clinton, Bush Jr., Obama and Biden.

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