Posted by Dwayne Henry Posted on 9 September 2023

Secret Knowledge with Michael Feeley | Ep8 | The Anunnaki

In this week’s captivating episode of Secret Knowledge, join our host Michael Feeley as he leads you on a journey into our ancient past, and challenges the interpretation of the Sumerian Scrolls by world-renowned author on the subject Zecharia Sitchin. The idea that the human race was seeded by an ancient race of extra-terrestrials called the Anunnaki who came from a mysterious 9th planet called Nibiru, is well established and much-loved within the UFO community. But when holes start to appear in the story, holes big enough to sink the Titanic, then you have to call into question all the other aspects of the story itself. Join us this week on Secret Knowledge as we uncover the hidden meaning behind the secret star map hidden within the symbolism of the ancient monoliths and sacred locations on Earth. The true meaning of the Anunnaki race will be revealed!

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