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Important update on Dr Sherri Tenpenny’s health

You may have read in the recent On Walking with God Substack, that Dr. Tenpenny is recovering from a serious health related event.  Dr. T is greatly touched by the hundreds of texts, emails and messages of blessings, prayers and sincere concerns.  Although she cannot respond to them all, please know, they have been received with love and gratitude.  For those who have her cell phone number, we kindly ask that while she is focused on recovery, messages be sent through social media (found at or to her team to give her space (and quiet) to heal.  You can check back frequently.  We’ll keep you updated.

On her recovery:

Dr. T is fine and in good healing hands.  She has been blessed by an abundance of great care from our amazing wellness friends and is focused on resting and taking the time needed to recover. We have seen incredible progress already.  Prayer and healing from the root goes a very long way.

She has been and continues to be a bedrock and guiding force on the frontlines of truth and health freedom.  Keep the prayers for complete recovery pouring in.  She’s sure that is why she’s gaining ground so quickly.

Many have asked how they can help.  Now, more than ever, is the time to offer your support to keep her voice and presence strong.

Show the world She Will NOT BE SILENCED.

Spread the word.  Knowledge is power:

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–      Our Clinic and ECP Studios are open and running as usual.  There has been no impact to services so please continue to keep us in your wellness journey

Stay Educated. Stay Healthy. Stay in the Fight.


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