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The Original ‘Asymptomatic Spreader’ Was Not Asymptomatic: She Took Paracetamol

As flagged by Will Jones here on the Daily Sceptic, a recent Lancet study shows that asymptomatic people are only responsible for a small fraction of SARS-CoV-2 viral emissions, thus exploding the myth of extensive asymptomatic transmission, which was one of the central tenets of the COVID-19 response. But what about the original ‘asymptomatic spreader’ whose case was widely reported in the medical literature and the international media? Well, it turns out she was precisely not asymptomatic. She was sick and took medication.

On January 30th 2020, the New England Journal of Medicine published a letter from a group of German doctors and scientists documenting the case of a Chinese businesswoman from Shanghai who had recently travelled to Germany, where she was at the origin of Germany’s first cluster of infections despite the fact that she had not yet developed symptoms herself. See the below screen shot from the NEJM homepage circa the following day (courtesy of the Wayback Machine).

The lead author of the letter was Camilla Rothe of the Munich University Hospital. One of the co-authors was none other than Christian Drosten, the Chair of the Department of Virology at the Charité teaching hospital in Berlin, whose famous PCR-protocol would become the ‘gold standard’ for COVID-19 testing. Drosten’s article laying out the PCR protocol was published just one week earlier, on January 23rd, by the EU-funded journal Eurosurveillance, following a peer-review in record-breaking time of roughly 24 hours.

But the problem with the German researchers’ letter is that just four days later, on February 3rd, Sciencepublished an article revealing, based on official German sources, that the Chinese businesswoman did in fact have symptoms and had taken paracetamol to combat them. In fact, none of the 17 authors of the NEJM letter had ever even spoken to the supposedly asymptomatic ‘patient zero’, merely relying on the input of the four Germans who fell ill (and, incidentally, very quickly got better).

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