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Top Neuroethics Professor at Georgetown University Raises Alarm on How The Release of Nanoparticles Can Cause Stroke Epidemics

An alarming lecture on the military applications of neurotechnology and how nano-particulate smart dust can be “scattered” to cause stroke epidemics has gone viral.

In his 2017 lecture, Georgetown University’s Chief of the Neuroethics Studies Program Dr. James Giordano warned that even if the released nano-particles don’t cause a stroke they can still achieve long-term disruption of brain function in “increasingly concentric circles of expansion.”

“So what we’re able to do here is infiltrate the brain space with nano-particulate matter that aggregates in situ (on-site) in the brain and there’s one of two things,” said Giordano. “Either penetrates from the vascular space, gets into the bloodstream, gets in through the nose, through the mucosa, or infiltrates the vascular space and clogs it. What is the result?”

“It’s what’s called a nano-particulate stroke or a hemorrhagic diathesis (fancy word, it’s a predisposition for individuals having brain bleeds).”


“If we can do it, what makes us think anyone else can’t?” Asked Giordano. “The point I want to drive through is, they can. And in some cases, they can do it a lot better than we can for a variety of reasons.”

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