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TOP 5 Most Powerful Caribbean Passports

When we fly around the world a lot, it is hard to overestimate the strength and the passport power. It actually determines how easily and comfortably its holder can cross borders and discover new countries. To determine how strong your passport is, you should check it against the Henley World Passport List, where each document has its index. It is formed based on the number of countries that the owner of an international passport can visit without a visa before arrival. The ranking is based on data provided by the IATA (International Air Transport Authority) and is constantly updated. Our passport ranking overview allows you to understand where your passport is and decide which passports you would like to get for more comfortable traveling around the world.

Significance of Passport Rankings

What does the index mentioned above tell us? Those who are used to traveling extensively or traveling internationally for work understand how important the power of passports with a high Henley index is. Free visa-free access to other countries allows you to save time and money and move around the world comfortably.

How are passport rankings determined?

Today, the ranking of passports on Henley’s list is based on a comprehensive methodology and is formed taking into account a number of factors. These include the country’s diplomatic relations, international agreements with other states, and the number of countries to which a passport holder can travel without a separate visa. After careful analysis, the data is provided by the International Air Transport Authority.

TOP 10 Passports of the Caribbean region

The list of the most valuable Caribbean passports as of mid-2023 shows the number of destinations where holders of this document are authorized to enter without first obtaining a standard visa. These are visa-free, visa-on-arrival, or e-visa.

The top ten Caribbean passports (Henley indexes in parentheses) according to IATA are:

  1. Barbados (163).
  2. St. Kitts and Nevis (157).
  3. Bahamas (155).
  4. Trinidad and Tobago (151); Antigua and Barbuda (151).
  5. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines (150).
  6. St. Lucia (147)
  7. Grenada (146).
  8. Dominica (145).
  9. Belize (103).
  10.  Guyana (88).

Barbados tops the list and is the most powerful passport, but it is pretty challenging to obtain. It is possible through years of naturalization. Countries with citizenship investment programs offer the easiest and fastest way to obtain a Caribbean passport. There are five of them in the region: St. Kitts, Antigua, St. Lucia, Grenada and Dominica. The applicant can choose any country, fulfill the necessary conditions and formalities, and receive his passport remotely. The fastest option is the St. Kitts program, where one can get the desired document in one and a half to two months.

Suppose you choose a country without an economic citizenship program. In that case, you will face the path of simple naturalization, applying for a “golden visa,” or obtaining a residence permit on another basis. This issue is covered in more detail at

Changes and Trends in 2023 Rankings

As of the third quarter of 2023, there have been some changes in the International Passport Ranking. Thus, Japan has moved down to third place for the first time in the last five years, giving the lead to Singapore. Its citizens can freely visit 193 countries worldwide. Italy, Spain, and Germany moved to second place with visa-free access to 190 countries. Seven countries shared the third place: 

  • France;
  • Austria;
  • Sweden;
  • Finland;
  • Luxembourg;
  • Japan;
  • South Korea.

For them, the Henley index was 189. The top 20 “most open” countries included all small island states and African countries. According to Zlata Erlach (Immigrant Invest agency), this list will constantly change as the world is regularly undergoing global changes. Some countries are opening up, while others, on the contrary, are isolating themselves from their neighbors.


Many visa-free destinations and comfort when flying are not the only benefits a Caribbean passport can give its holder. With this document, you can legally reside on exotic islands as long as you wish, as well as work in any other state that is a member of the European Union. 

The international ID card can be used for immigration, as well as when applying for banking services, as this sector is quite strong in the Caribbean. It also opens access to international investment projects, where it is impossible to join with a passport of one’s own country. There are several other benefits:

  • affordable prices for Caribbean passport processing;
  • quick procedure;
  • The opportunity to legally leave their country for the islands if the political or economic situation worsens.

Choose a Caribbean state that appeals to you, consult with the specialists of the migration company, and enter the program. 

It is rational to seek help from professionals in order to avoid any misunderstandings in the process of resolving the issue. Experts know all the subtleties and pitfalls, so you can easily avoid them, providing yourself with peace of mind.

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