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Elon Musk’s X Deletes Video Of RFK Jr. Exposing Deadly Pfizer Jabs

Popular X account The Vigilant Fox was censored by the Elon Musk-run social media company this weekend when it blocked a video post of Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. citing data that shows the Pfizer Covid vaccines kill more people than they “save.”

“What the Media & Big Pharma Won’t Tell You About the Pfizer Clinical Trials, as Explained by RFK Jr.” the post was titled.

However, X is not allowing the video to be viewed and thousands of users voiced their outrage on the platform itself.

See the censored video here!

Vigilant Fox explained the video of RFK Jr. garnered over 500,000 views before being taken down and argued it “could have seen a million views or more” if it weren’t deleted.

In the interview with podcast host Brian Rose, the Democrat presidential candidate detailed Pfizer clinical trial data showing recipients of Pfizer’s COVID vaccine had a 23.5% GREATER likelihood of dying within six months of the jab than individuals in the placebo group.

RFK also detailed how Pfizer manipulated the data so it could claim the shot was “100% effective” at stopping Covid.

Social media users criticized X for censoring the viral interview:

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