Posted by Sam Fenny - Memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 5 September 2023

Burning Man descends into chaos as fed-up revelers snap and fight during mass exodus from washout festival as officials name 32-year-old who died and admit rain and mud delayed their rescue

Burning Man ended on Monday night with the torching of ‘the man’, signaling the conclusion of the mud-filled festival. The local sheriff said people were getting ‘angry’ and tempers fraying. Jerry Allen, sheriff of Pershing County, also condemned people for ignoring the Burning Man protocols and leaving trash and abandoned vehicles.

Discarded boots, stuck in the mud, were seen across the desert, as well as bags of abandoned trash – defying the ‘carry in, carry out’ policy promoted by the organizers.

Allen identified the one fatality from the event, naming him as 32-year-old Leon Reece. Reece’s death is not believed to be connected to the weather and toxicology reports are pending, but Allen admitted emergency crews were hampered in their efforts to get to him by the rain.

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