Posted by Roger Mallett Posted on 3 September 2023

Identity Crisis: Gender Identity History, Puberty Blockers, and Hormones

Part 1: Gender Identity History, Puberty Blockers, and Hormones

Is it possible to take a balanced, nuanced look at the complex topic of gender identity?

In this series we are going to dive deep into various aspects of the debates around transgender individuals and gender identity. Specifically, we are going to look at the concerns surrounding how these ideas are influencing children and young adults. We will look at the claims being made on all sides of this discussion and will also ask who is benefiting from the amplifying of these debates.

In the last couple years, dozens of U.S. states have passed various laws relating to the trans community and discussions around gender identity. Some states have gone the route of attempting to ban access to knowledge in public school and even college, while others are focused on raising the age for transgender surgery to the age of 18 years old.

2022 Pew Research poll found that the United States is divided evenly between acceptance of the trans community. A majority of Democrats and those who lean toward the Democratic Party (59%) say that the greater acceptance of transgender people is good for society, while a majority of Republicans and Republican-leaning (54%) say it is bad for society.

Unfortunately, discussions around these topics tend to be argued in extremes. You have one side of the debate telling people it’s not okay to ask questions about the potential side effects of the treatments being provided, and anyone who does so is a bigot or a trans-phobe. You also have those who are genuinely against the LGBTQ community and support efforts to limit the rights of some in that community, including by banning access to information or abolishing Pride Parades.

This is unfortunate because the reality is real human beings are caught up in the middle. Regardless of your opinion on this topic at the moment, I encourage you to read this series with an open mind, and most of all, an open heart.

TLAV’s goal is not to add to the noise, but instead to look at the data, look at the human beings involved, and offer a nuanced perspective. We share this information for any individuals and family members who may be facing this challenging situation and are uncertain of what the actual facts are.

One way or another, everyone can agree that how we address this core issue of gender identity, and everything else that springs from it, has enormous implications for our society moving forward.

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