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The Maui “Build Back Better” Script

Can the government take control of the land after a natural disaster and then deem it off limits? Is government capable of creating the “natural” disaster?

Land Grab?

I’m already thinking about ways for the state to acquire that land so that we can put it into Workforce Housing and to put it back into the families or to make it open spaces in perpetuity as a memorial. – Gov. Josh Green interview with Michael Henessey, Snowflake news, Green Wants State to Own Lahaina, August 15, 2023, [13:00 minute mark].

The new governor of Hawaii, Josh Green M.D., a licensed medical doctor, resident of Hawaii, but not a Hawaiian, became governor in December of 2022 and took office in January of  2023. In similar fashion, Maui also elected a new mayor, Richard Bissen, at the same time. But where was the mayor during the disaster? And why is he now facing calls to resign?

I’m not sure who was in charge. – Maui Mayor Richard Bissen

Was the unspeakable Maui disaster the result of incompetence or was it orchestrated by design?

According to an article in the California Globe, Josh Green has been a puppet for the United Nationsand a spokesperson for the Build Back Better (bbb) 2030 agenda, which seeks to create “Stack-N-Pack” housing in Smart™ Cities all over the world by 2030.

According to the July 13, 2020 World Economic Forum Playbook, the “bbb” agenda includes: “destruction,” “green recover,” “reset and reinvent,” disasters,” based on “Climate Change.”

In Hawaii, the BBB created the Build Beyond Barriers Working Group empowered to approve and streamline housing construction projects, scheduled for a 5-year build-out based on the U.N. Sustainable Cities and human Settlements. In other words, no more single family homes.

The 2030 Agenda Sustainable Development Goal 11, “make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. – Build Beyond Barriers Working Group (BBBWG), August 11, 2023,Office of the Governor

The UN document details “Sustainable Human Settlements” under 6) promoting human settlements planning and management in disaster-prone areas.” 

Green is not the only politician promoting the U.N.’s Build Back Better Agenda, the largest effort to “combat climate change.” On October, 28, 2021, President Biden announced the Build Back Better Framework for the U.S.

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