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Childhood Vaccines cause Autism: The evidence and the institutional cover-up

There is damning evidence linking vaccines with autism and neurodevelopmental disease.  And, there has been systemic suppression of this evidence.

Thousands of peer-reviewed articles demonstrate a connection between children’s poor health from exposure to certain chemicals and radiation, the authors of a Global Research article wrote. And, you need not look far to find ample evidence that there is precisely what you might call a “question” about whether vaccines are “associated” with autism.  So, here is some of the evidence.

Referring to the thousands of peer-reviewed articles, the three authors – journalist Helen Buyniski, Richard Gale, and founder of Progressive Radio Voices Dr. Gary Null – acknowledged that published studies need to be viewed in context of the scientific method:

Certainly, studies are open to interpretation; they may be the subject of debate; they may be subject to the scrutiny of the public and the scientific community; by all means, try to replicate them.

But to write as if there is no debate, as if these studies simply do not exist; as if the association between these exposures and harms to health is some ludicrous and easily refutable “allegation,” this is not scientific.

Do Vaccines Cause Autism? A History of Institutional Corruption, Global Research, 29 August 2023

The above is from the first of a three-part series of articles being published by Global Research: ‘Do Vaccines Cause Autism?’. The following are excerpts from this article.  You can read the full article HERE.

Vaccines Undeniably Associated with Autism

You need not look far, in spite of the sophisticated algorithmic manoeuvres made by Google to wipe such artefacts from its search results, to find ample evidence that there is precisely what you might call a “question” about whether vaccines are “associated” with autism. This “question,” this rather undeniable association can – and should – be openly debated, live on national television.

A debate is also an accessible forum for the public to observe, unlike jargon-laden peer-reviewed journals and elite science and medical conferences.  When ordinary people’s lives are now more and more subject to top-down requirements “based on the science,” the public has a right to observe and hear it debated in plain language. This is urgently needed. It is truly a question of life and death.

How Debatable is the Assertion That Vaccines Cause Autism?

Though it should be held in public, the debate is over.  All the evidence is there – but no one is brave enough to say it, and with reason, as anyone who does is publicly tarred and feathered.

The issue is so highly pressurised, that anyone with anything to lose is rightly afraid to light the match and say the simple words “vaccines cause autism,” knowing they’ll watch their reputation and maybe their career burst into flames.  Lots of semantic acrobatics are performed that effectively communicate the causal connection without actually stating it in so many words. Really speaking: vaccines have been scientifically and legally documented to cause autism. Not just once. Not just twice. Many times.

Here is the Evidence

In a careful analysis of thousands of articles in the peer-reviewed literature on toxicology and immunology, nowhere could the three authors of the Global Research article find evidence to support claims that vaccine safety is based upon a gold standard of clinical research: long-term, double-blind, placebo-controlled studies.

Since such gold-standard research has never been carried out, our medical officials are relying on inconclusive research that is not science-based to create public health policy. American parents, meanwhile, are conditioned by our medical officials to bring their children in for regular vaccinations, confusing pure propaganda with scientific proof.

Never has a concise epidemiological study been published that compares the long-term health outcomes of a group of infants and children given the recommended CDC immunisation schedule and a cohort of unvaccinated children.  However, several smaller studies indicate that neurological disorders are associated with vaccination when vaccinated children are compared with the unvaccinated.

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