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Cell Phone Radiation clumps Red Blood Cells, Grounding with PEMF Mat reverses it

I bought myself an economical dark field microscope and I wanted to see what happens when a blood sample was exposed to an active cell phone.

The following short video shows an experiment I did with unvaccinated blood under a dark field microscope. I prepared three slides with a drop of blood each. The blood on slide number one was free floating at first, but then was exposed to an active cell phone. The blood on slide number 2 was put into a Faraday bag in a room that has no sources of EMF. The Faraday bag blocks out all radiation including the Schumann resonance. The blood on slide number 3 was kept in the middle of the house exposed to ambient EMF like electronics and WiFi.

After slide 1 was exposed to an active cell phone for about 1 minute and 40 seconds, clumping of blood could be observed. Slide number 2 that was in the Faraday bag surprisingly showed even more clumping. Slide number 3 showed free flowing red blood cells.

I then put slide number 1 with the clumping red blood cells on a Pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency (PEMF) mat made by Omnipad for three minutes, which puts out the Schumann resonance (among others). After 3 minutes I re-examined the slide under the microscope and there was less clumping than before. The same effect should happen when we ground ourselves by walking barefoot outside or hugging a tree or working with soil with our bare hands.

Thus grounding is a good way to get red blood cells flowing freely again. Due to Graphene and toxic metals in the Covid shots, we must assume that vaccinated blood clumps more easily as these substances increase the effects of EMF radiation. Besides EDTA and high dose Vitamin C infusions, grounding could be beneficial for the injected. However, we don’t know yet if grounding is helpful for clumps not made of red blood cells, but from hydrogels forming rubbery clots. So far Dr. Ana-Maria Mihalcea was able to show that only EDTA infusions can break these up.

Now we need to speculate why the blood in the Faraday bag clumped worse than the blood exposed to the cell phone. Possibly, the lack of exposure to the Schumann resonance caused it. After all, experiments with students hermetically locked away in a bunker and deprived of the Schumann resonance experienced ill effects such as a change in the circadian rhythm, fatigue, depression, headaches and strange emotions. This brings up another question: Is it healthy to wear EMF blocking clothing all the time? As long as some parts of the body still are exposed to the Schumann resonance it shouldn’t be a problem. But meanwhile one can buy long underwear, T-Shirts, Sweaters, Pants and Hats that block EMF. If one were to wear all of that, what would happen? Nobody knows so far.

Reducing exposure to cell phone radiation is difficult as they have become our pocket computers and do everything from emails, phone calls, text messages, internet access, camera and have loads of applications. Not holding the phone to the head is one obvious way to get a little distance to the brain. Another is keeping it in a Faraday bag when not in use and never ever keep it in the bedroom while you are sleeping. There are loads of EMF mitigation devices one can stick on the phone. The phone used to do the experiment has one of them and that one obviously didn’t work.

The other thing we can do is grounding at least once a day by touching a tree, a bush, gardening, walking barefoot on soil, grass or even cement. If that isn’t possible, a PEMF mat is the next best thing. One can lay on it a few minutes before going to bed every night. The mat I used is from Omnipads Their cheapest mat will do the job. It costs around USD 1250.—though but it is cheaper than other mats I have looked at and it does the job. It’s great for pain in muscles and joints and a host of other ailments too. I don’t have any business relationship with the company other than I bought my mat there and one for the rest of my family.

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