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Will AI Replace Airline Pilots?

The airlines would save a great deal of money if they could replace pilots with humanoid robots because robots don’t need salaries, vacations, sick days, pensions, etc. They don’t stage strikes or make other demands. So, if the airlines wanted to replace pilots with artificial intelligence, what steps could they take that would not cause opposition from pilots or criticism from the public?

At 2:11 minutes in the video below, Alex Jones explains that he predicted three years ago that when the pilots were forced to take COVID shots and a large percentage of them start having heart attacks and dying, airlines would say there’s a pilot shortage and would go to one pilot which he says the airlines are doing now. He predicted then that the airlines would finally move completely to AI pilots.

Oliver Wyman forecast in early 2021 that an impending pilot shortage was on the horizon. This was contrary to reality at the time, as COVID-19 was decimating the airline industry and any recovery appeared years away. But as air travel demand continues to recover in 2022, our most recent forecast now projects that demand for pilots will outstrip supply in most regions globally between 2022 and 2024 — and continue to worsen over the next decade. We now expect global aviation to be short nearly 80,000 pilots by 2032, absent a downturn in future demand and/or strenuous efforts by the industry to bolster the supply of pilots.

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