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Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin has slammed district attorney Christina Mitchell in a new lawsuit accusing them of a cover-up in connection to 2022 school shooting that killed 21

The City of Uvalde has filed a second lawsuit against the District Attorney, alleging that she’s involved in a cover up concerning the investigation into the Robb School mass shooting.

The new suit, filed on August 29 in District Court in Uvalde County, again seeks a court order requiring the DA Christina Mitchell to release information regarding the brutal massacre for the city’s independent investigator Jesse Prado.

Prado had been hired by the city to conduct an investigation into the actions of city police who responded to the Robb Elementary School shooting.

The Uvalde massacre rocked the country as 19 fourth-graders and two teachers at the school were slaughtered by gunman Salvador Ramos.

In May of last year, the crazed gunman entered the fourth-grade classroom and locked himself inside for more than an hour as he fired bullets.

Despite children calling for help, nearly 400 law enforcement officials waited some seventy-seven minutes before storming the classroom and killing the shooter.

The suit is asking for all relevant records and materials from every law enforcement agency related to the tragedy to be handed over.

Due to a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement, no one from the city can access the information to ensure the confidentiality of the district attorney’s criminal investigation.

In a statement from Uvalde Mayor Don McLaughlin, he said: ‘I believe that Christina Mitchell, the District Attorney for the 38th Judicial District has been involved in a cover-up regarding the City’s investigation into the Robb School tragedy.

‘The city hired Mr. Jesse Prado of JPPI on July 21, 2022, approximately two months after the shooting, to investigate the shooting regarding the actions of Uvalde Police Department personnel.

‘Since then, D.A. Mitchell has refused to provide the city with all the information Mr. Prado has requested, resulting in the City filing suit against her in her official capacity to obtain the necessary information for Mr. Prado to complete the City’s administrative investigation.

‘She failed, once again, to keep her word. The city had to file a suit a second time, because D.A. Mitchell continues to block the City’s investigation.

‘Christina Mitchell should resign immediately. Since day one, we have called for transparency from every agency that was there that day.’

The Mayor continued: ‘It’s been fifteen months since this tragedy, and I feel the families and our community deserve answers.’

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