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Los Angeles Threatens To Sue Texas After 11th Migrant Busload Land in ‘Sanctuary City’

The Los Angeles, California, City Council is contemplating a lawsuit against Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) as more busloads of illegal immigrants from the Lone Star State arrive to capitalize on the City of Angels’ sanctuary policies.

While the city council voted in June to label itself a “sanctuary city” jurisdiction, where illegals can feel safe from fear of deportation and take advantage of benefits and housing offered by the community, they appear to have changed their tune this week after an 11th bus of migrants arrived Wednesday, adding up to a total of 435 migrants.


Council members voted unanimously Wednesday to approve an investigation into whether any crimes were committed by Gov. Abbott’s transportation of the migrants.

In comments following the vote, council member Hugo Soto-Martinez claimed Abbott’s and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ (R) decision to transport the migrants to an accommodating environment more welcoming of them equated to racism.

“The competition between these Republican governors about who could be more racist, I think, is just an utter failure and shows clearly that they do not have any intention to govern effectively,” Soto-Martinez said.

“Now how heartless do you have to be to send toddlers and small children knowing that the city was preparing for an unprecedented state of emergency?” Soto-Martinez said, noting the recent threat from Hurricane Hilary. “The callous and disregard for lives of these families deserves their full investigation and accountability into the criminal actions of wrongdoing of Gov. Greg Abbott.”

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