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Hunter Biden’s firm and Joe’s VP office exchanged more than 1,000 emails: Records show the wide access to White House channels president’s son had access to while doing deals overseas

New records reveal that then-Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter’s investment firm Rosemont Seneca exchanged over 1,000 emails during his time as the No. 2 most powerful politician in the world.

The latest document dump of emails from 2011 to 2013 between Rosemont Seneca and the VP’s office reveals that there was no clear separation between Hunter’s private business dealings and the ‘official business’ of the Obama-Biden administration.

It also directly contradicts the president’s repeated claim over the years that he was never involved with or aware of his son’s shady business dealings.

The emails show that Rosemont Seneca ‘frequently used the Biden name to gain access to and favors from the White House,’ according to ex-Trump adviser Stephen Miller’s America First Legal, which obtained the emails.

They detail how Hunter leveraged his position and access to his father to arrange for his business partners to attend various White House tours, state dinners, luncheons and other official events.

In one exchange from 2013, a Rosemont Seneca staffer directly emailed the vice president’s office in order to arrange a White House Christmas tour for Hunter’s associates saying it would be a ‘big favor for Hunter’.

A request came in from lobbyist Doug Davenport to Hunter’s former business partner Eric Schwerin, saying he was in a ‘bad spot’ and needed to help out his ‘guy from Apple’ with getting a White House tour.

‘I know it is WAY short notice, but I would owe you my life if you could tell me any way possible to get my hands on some public tour tix for this Friday? Or am I just way out of line???’

Schwerin then looped in Rosemont Seneca employee Katie, asking her to ‘check in with our friends over there’ to see if the last-minute tour could be arranged.

He said the most plausible solution would be to get the group ‘front of the line’ access.

Katie then emailed VP Biden staffers using their official ‘’ accounts asking for the tickets as a favor to Hunter.

Another exchange shows Hunter helping his associate Josh Targoff from the Third Point nail down an exclusive West Wing tour.

Additional correspondence reveals then-VP Joe was forwarded an external invitation from Hunter to attend an event by the UCLA Berkley Center for International Relations. Hunter also received numerous asks for his father’s autographs on photographs, among other requests.

Emails also show the close connection between the Rosemont Seneca staff and the then-vice president’s staff.

‘Welcome to the team!’ Rosemont Seneca employee Katie cheerfully welcomed a new vice president correspondence director in August 2013 via the email exchange.

‘These records further confirm that there was never a wall between the Office of the Vice President and Hunter Biden; in fact, there was extensive commingling between them,’ said a press release by AFL.

Conservative legal group America First Legal released the documents obtained from the National Archives via an ongoing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit late Wednesday.

The White House asserted ‘executive privilege’ in order to withhold the release of 200 emails in their entirety, saying their release would disclose ‘confidential advice between the President and his advisors.’

Earlier this week, a bombshell letter from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) revealed that Biden may have used pseudonyms in nearly 5,400 emails, electronic records and documents when he was vice president.

The aliases ‘Robin Ware, Robert L. Peters, and JRB Ware’ were all pseudonyms the 80-year-old president was known to utilize while serving as vice president.

The White House has insisted Biden was never in business with his son, and vice presidents and high-level government officials often use pseudonyms to prevent being inundated with spam and emails from the public.

At the time, the Obama administration dismissed criticism the communications were ‘secret’ because they were all archived.

But the sheer volume of emails raises questions over whether then-VP Biden broke the ‘absolute wall’ he said he maintained between the ‘the personal and private, and the government.’

House Oversight Chairman James Comer has said that despite requesting information about the pseudonyms months ago, the committee has gotten ‘virtually nothing back’ from NARA.

Also this week, Republicans ramped up their investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings following bombshell reports that Hunter traveled to at least 15 countries with his dad then-Vice President Joe on Air Force Two.

They accuse then-VP Biden of having ‘abused’ his taxpayer-funded office ‘to enrich his family’ by flying Hunter all over the world to meet with his business associates, according to a letter to the National Archives obtained by Wednesday.

Hunter tagged along with his powerful father during official vice president trips between 2009 and 2017 to Asia, Europe, Africa, Mexico and Canada spanning at least 15 different countries, according to a recent report by Fox News.

During the trips, Hunter would reportedly meet with his international business associates and potential clients. He also apparently offered short ‘handshake’ meetings providing his partners direct access to his father on several occasions.

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