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All Secondary School Students in England To Be Offered Flu Vaccine

From September 1st, 2023, more than three million secondary school pupils in England will be offered a free flu vaccine the government has confirmed. Yet there has been no consultation with parents and most have no idea that the scheme is going ahead.

If you’ve not been warned, you’re not informed,” state the Informed Consent Matter group, who say they believe that “a new pandemic is being created and spread through the mass application of the flu nasal spray in schools, the illness this spray creates will then be blamed by government ministers on a “novel virus”.”

Schools Are Not Suitable Environments For Medical Procedures.

In May it was announced that primary school children were eligible for the flu vaccine, as were other groups at “higher risk of flu,” including people aged 65 years and over, pregnant women, and children aged two and three years old.

Now for the first time, the government is expanding the scheme to include all secondary school pupils in the form of a nasal spray, which has never been mass administered to this group before, as they are at such a minuscule risk from the flu.

An annual flu vaccine has been made available for free on the NHS to groups considered to be more at risk from the complications of the flu (which doesn’t generally cause serious complications for otherwise healthy people). This includes children aged 2-11 and the vaccine which is in nasal spray form, has been administered at school for most children who receive it.

This approach has raised concerns among various campaigning groups who observe that there are several safety issues and adverse events associated with the flu spray itself and schools are not a suitable environment for applying risky medical procedures to children –

Informed Consent Matters (ICM) approached a veteran GP for his comments on this situation, and said that the medical professional who is not anti-vaccine and has had more than 40 years of experience, said: This is ridiculous, a complete waste of money, this group does not need it at all.”

Targeting Children

This leads ICM to ask the question: “Why would the UK Government spend such a colossal amount of money vaccinating a huge group of people who are essentially at no risk from the condition the vaccine claims to prevent?

“If the vaccine works, then surely it is enough to vaccinate the vulnerable themselves, rather than expecting healthy children to take risky invasive medical products in a theoretical bid to act as “human shields” ICM argues, but “If the vaccine doesn’t work to protect vulnerable groups, then clearly, there is no point in giving it to anyone.”

The official” explanation is that schoolchildren are being vaccinated in order to protect more vulnerable groups, and in turn, the NHS, but just as ICM says, “The Government never spends large amounts of money on something unless there is an obvious benefit to them. The Government wishes to increase its power and control (as all governments do) and they learned throughout “Covid” just how much power they could have through creating fear of a “virus“.

So, it appears they are going to try this again – but increasing the fear factor (and therefore their own potential power and control) by this time targeting the threat at children.

Toxic Ingredients

The flu nasal spray, which is only given to under-18s, contains many known toxins (including neurotoxic monosodium glutamate, genetically modified organisms, and monkey kidney cells) – and could well contain unknown ones, too, since it is well documented that vaccines can contain undisclosed ingredients.

Obviously, spraying toxic ingredients – known and unknown – into children’s noses has the capacity to make them ill.

This is especially true as the flu nasal spray is known to shed, thereby causing the illness it is claiming to prevent according to the Informed Consent Matters Group, which cites a study in Hong Kong in 2021, that found 81% of the cases of flu in children were caused by the flu spray.

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