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Latest on Lockdowns: The Royal Society is WRONG

A report published by the Royal Society claims that lockdowns and other social distancing measures, as well as mask wearing, significantly cut the transmission of the coronavirus during the fake pandemic.

Well, of course, they did!

If you lock people in their homes and make them stay away from their loved ones then they are less likely to spread infections. (Note, please, that only the intellectually deprived, aficionados of pseudoscience and people with the IQ of a table believe that germs don’t exist. The people who believe there are no germs probably also believe that the earth is flat and that climate change is real.)

If we had lockdowns and social distancing rules every winter then there would always be fewer cases of the flu.

It’s as sensible as saying that if we killed everyone in November then there would be no cases of flu during the winter.

Infections cannot spread unless people are within coughing distance of one another.

(Masks are something else, of course. As I proved in my book Proof that Face Masks do More Harm than Good, face masks did massive amounts of damage to people’s health. And they don’t work.)

The problem with the Royal Society’s report is that as far as I can see they don’t seem to have bothered to mention that the number of people killed by the lockdowns far, far exceeded the number of people who didn’t get the flu.

(And let’s remember that we are talking about the flu. It was always clear that covid-19 was merely a well marketed brand of the flu. All the evidence – which I’ve previously detailed in my videos and on my websites – now proves this.)

The lockdowns did massive physical and mental harm to the nation.

Early in 2020 I warned that lockdowns would result in several hundred thousand deaths in the UK alone. Around the world they killed millions.

And the mental damage will last for decades.

The Royal Society claims that lockdowns and social distancing rules were effective. And they claim that restricting visitors in care homes – and keeping residents apart – helped restrict the number of people catching the flu.

In my view, this is the sort of research that gives research a bad name.

And gives me a headache.

The lockdowns, the social distancing rules and the locking of old people in care homes did massive, long-term harm.

None of these methods should ever be used again.

And mask wearing did massive physical and mental harm too.

We have to keep sharing the truth.

We have to make sure that no politician ever dare reintroduce these barbaric and dangerous nonsenses.

Lockdowns, social distancing and masks all killed massive numbers of people – and permanently damaged millions of lives.

My first book about covid-19 was published in April 2020 – and warned about the dangers of the lockdowns. The book is called Coming Apocalypse.

Here is what I said in that book (remember, it was published in April 2020).

‘I was the first to suggest that the so-called ‘cure’ (the lockdown policies and the refusal to treat other patients to ‘protect’ them from infection) would kill far more people than the disease. The lockdown policies seem to have been recommended by a panicky World Health Organisation, though Imperial College’s prediction of eight million Britons in hospital and half a million deaths certainly helped to spice up the panic in the UK.’

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