Posted by Dwayne Henry Posted on 31 August 2023

Gareth Icke Tonight | Ep23 | Hiding In Plain Sight

In this week’s compelling episode, we delve into a range of urgent issues with a lineup of remarkable guests.

Scott Schara, a returning guest, updates us on his unyielding battle for justice on behalf of his daughter Grace. Cut short at the tender age of 19 due to a wrongly issued Do Not Resuscitate order, Scott’s determination to unveil the truth shines through.

Exploring the world of finance and digital landscapes, we sit down with Sir Toshi, a financial whistleblower. Join Gareth as they engage in a thought-provoking conversation about the pitfalls inherent in cryptocurrency, showcasing Sir Toshi’s groundbreaking research findings that expose a lurking trap.

Niall McCrae enters the discussion, shedding light on the recent sentencing of Lucy Letby to life in prison. Niall’s unique perspective on the case introduces the notion of a potential miscarriage of justice, igniting a deeper examination of the situation.

Lastly, the episode takes a chilling turn with the insights of Dr. Henry L Ealy. With a focus on data integrity, he reveals the shocking prevalence of criminal data fraud, all the while existing right under our noses.

This week’s show promises an unmissable exploration of justice, finance, and truth. Tune in and stay informed about these pressing issues that shape our world.

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