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California Pays Nonprofit Encouraging Kids To Identify As ‘Foxgender,’ Teaching Schools To Hide It

The state of California has awarded a nine-year grant to a group that encourages students to identify as a wide variety of bizarre genders, including “foxgender,” and teaches school districts how to hide it from parents.

The California Department of Public Health has awarded a total of $2.3 million to a nonprofit called Gender Spectrum for activities such as developing “concrete strategies for applying the lens of gender diversity to school practices,” according to an investigation from the watchdog group OpenTheBooks.

The grant is intended for Gender Spectrum to conduct a “rigorous evaluation” of whether its own programs work.

Among those programs is the development of a six-page form for students to submit school districts their pronouns and whether school staff needs to hide their use of those pronouns from their parents.

“It’s not always the case that caregivers are supportive of their child’s gender, their gender journey, in that case, if parents are not supportive or if the child is not out, that’s not necessarily someone who will be part of the gender support team,” said Director of Training Carla Pena at the group’s annual Gender Spectrum Family Conference last year.

Naomi Cruz, the group’s manager of family and educational programming, gave a presentation at the conference called “Intro to Neoidentities and Neopronouns.” The presentation said pronouns may “describe gender as a personal, aesthetic, synesthetic, or head-space oriented experience.” They include “noun genders” like “foxgender, moongender, and rockgender,” and even “emojiself pronouns,” such as “:)self.”

Cruz said “foxself” describes someone who identifies with “aspects of a fox, whether that’s their appearance, their personality, or how they’re viewed in society.”

“Our youth are becoming more and more independent regarding their self expression. Instead of trying to fit into premade boxes, they’re using their unique identities and forms of expression to create terminology to describe themselves,” the presentation said.

The presentation said that youth are on a “gender journey” and their genders will likely change over time, but that parents should “affirm” those identities — unless, of course, those identifies appropriate a “racial, ethnic, religious or disability group they are not part of.”

In that case, parents should say, “I understand that this term means something to you, but perhaps we can create another term or another pronoun that also has a meaning to you, but isn’t specific to a certain racial, ethnic, or other group where there are closed identities and pronouns.”

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