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Awakening from The Dream – David Icke’s interview with Dutch alternative newspaper

Awakening from the dream is the solution

On 1 September a new book from much-debated thinker and author David Icke will be published: The Dream. Followed by a two-part movie with the same title around Christmas and New Year. In the book and the movie Icke shows that the world we perceive with our five senses is but a simulation – a dream. To create a better world, we need to awaken from the dream, David Icke tells De Andere Krant in an exclusive interview. “Human perception, and thus human behaviour, is systematically manipulated. If you become aware of that and change your perception, you realise that there is an energetic field that connects everything.”
David Icke (1952), born and raised in England, has been all over the news in the Netherlands last year. The ‘conspiracy thinker’ was supposed to speak at a demonstration for peace on 6 November 2022 on the Dam in Amsterdam. That was prohibited last minute by the IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Services): they denied him entry to the entire Schengen area. According to the IND his attendance could lead to ‘disturbing public order and committing violence, even if he does not explicitly calls for it’.
Later it turned out that the IND based its decision on a request of the city council of Amsterdam. They had asked for a ban because the CIDI (Centre of Information and Documentation Israel) had requested it. The director of CIDI, Naomi Westrum, had sent a letter to secretary of justice Yeşilgöz with an urgent request not to provide a platform to ‘champion conspiracy thinker, anti-Semite and holocaust denier’ David Icke. The secretary honoured this request without doing any research on Icke.
Icke challenged the decision with assistance from jurist Jeroen Pols and (Jewish) ‘freedom idealist’ Mordechaï Krispijn. The final ruling on this issue is expected to come in late September of this year.
This is not the first time that David Icke, who vehemently denies being an anti-Semite and holocaust denier, is the object of criticism. His life as controversial thinker started in 1991. At that time, he was a sports commentator with the BBC. He appeared on the popular Terry Wogan Show to promote his first book ‘Truth vibrations’ where he talked about spiritual matters, dark energies, God and Jesus, and ended up being the target of ridicule and mockery in England for years.
Icke didn’t let himself be discouraged and kept on proclaiming his views on spirituality and the state of the world. His vision is not easy for everybody to take in. According to Icke the world is run by a secret society, The Cult, comprising only of a few dozens of dynasties, like the Bush’s, the Windsors, the Oranjes and the Rothchilds, who manipulate humanity for their own profit. But mostly he speaks about the positive aspect of his vision: he argues that if enough people recognize the manipulation, it will be possible to create a new world of compassion and empathy.
The idea that there is a global power grab by a small elite, sounds more plausible since the ‘covidcrisis’ than it did before. Icke now draws full houses with his lectures. He also produces movies with Dutch director Christianne van Wijk and his sons, Gareth and Jaymie, under the banner of Ickonic Studio’s. In April of this year their film In Search of the Holy Grail was released, which was labelled as “a compelling spiritual quest” by De Andere Krant.
We travelled to the beautiful English countryside of Derbyshire where Icke was busy shooting the new two-part movie about perception, raising awareness and consciousness, based on his new book (28), The Dream, that will be published on 1 September. While walking towards a 300-year-old pub we asked him to explain his view on reality.
What is your new book about?
“People talk about human nature, but what is that? Why are people the way they are? Is it natural behaviour or are they being manipulated? In the book ‘The dream’ I write about human perception, thus human behaviour and, following that, human nature, which are systematically manipulated. By that I mean that what we think of as the mind is really a form of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI is programmed. Consciousness that goes beyond the mind will overwrite or cancel the programme. That will allow you to get off the beaten track, explore on your own and no longer follow blindly what authorities tell you to do.”
“Because we are governed by our five senses, our perception is being fed by the simulation, or the matrix. The five senses, and thus people, can only decode frequency which relates to form. That is the level of consciousness where it is easy to manipulate the population by creating division, fear and chaos. When you become aware of that, you can see that things are not separate from each other like our five senses make us believe. In a state of higher consciousness, we realise that there is an energetic field that connects everything.”
Is the solution to be found in deprogramming?
“That’s where it starts. Eight billion people cannot be controlled by a few, unless the eight billion cooperate in their enslavement. Ultimately, we will have to alter our perception of how we see the world and ourselves, otherwise nothing will change. It is impossible to physically control the population worldwide, but you can manipulate their perception. The idea is to control perception, because perception dictates behaviour. That is where divide and conquer enters the stage: the population will fight among themselves. If you follow the narrative, you belong to the good guys, if you go against the narrative, you are labelled as a danger to democracy. More than thirty years ago I started speaking of the plans for a global world government, that wants total control over every human being. These plans are being rolled out rapidly at the moment. Back then, I spoke in front of empty halls and received ridicule and scorn. If I look at the difference between then and now, at how many people are becoming aware of what happens behind the scenes, the number of people awakening has grown immensely because of the ‘covidcrisis’. That creates a different perspective than thirty years ago.”
“The problem is that this expanded awareness will not be enough if we do not take the next step, and the alternative media do not speak about that next step. They do recognise that current developments are not coincidental, that there is manipulation. But what they see is still inside the simulation, they are still stuck in the trap. If the alternative media would dive deeper into the rabbit hole, and I speak from experience here, they will be ridiculed and called crazy. But ultimately that is where the solution lies.”
What solution do you mean?
“We live in a world that is actually two worlds in one: the world of what I call The Cult, a network of secret societies who share advanced knowledge only in the most inner circle. This Cult does not want the population to take notice of their plans. What they really don’t want is for people to get to know their own true nature, the ‘I’, and reality. Our true Self is pure consciousness. The other world is the world of the population and this Cult has set up a system within society to stop the advanced knowledge from reaching the population. The education system only talks about the physical and scientific part of the world. They never speak about the reality that exists beyond five-sense-perception. You do not hear about that in de media, either. When I started opening my mind to this I realised I never hear the most existential question: ‘Who am I?’ Surely that is the first thing you would want to know.”
How do you reach true reality and the ‘I’?
“We need to simplify. True genius is not to see the complex, but when you see hidden simplicity in the seemingly complex. You look at everything that is going on at the moment and at how the Cult is pushing the agenda on all these issues. When you can see through these complex issues, it comes down to one thing: every one of these topics, and the way they are forced upon us, is designed to manipulate human perception. When you look at it only from the level of the five senses, you think that you have to act on that. As soon as we reach the point at which we realise that, first, these issues are connected, and second, where they are going, you don’t need to address each part separately but you can see it as a whole.”
How does that work?
“If I take back my mind, if I expand my consciousness beyond the five senses, I see all the different parts in their true context as a whole. Someone with that state of awareness lets go of the fear to speak up against the narrative. Because they see the whole, they don’t go along with it. Ultimately, it is all about the interaction of energy. When you are involved in something, you support it on an invisible level. By taking back your engagement, you do not support it anymore energetically. The cult needs human support to reach their goals. By removing your energy from it, the whole thing loses power and implodes.”
Is it really that simple?
“Our consciousness needs to expand before action can follow that will make a difference. If you remain in a limited state of consciousness, actions will always be affected by that. This is not about physical change being the driving force. Physical change comes primarily from perceptual change, and perception changes because it is fed by information. We often forget how far we have come compared to thirty years ago, look at how many people have become aware of what is going on.”
And still the number of people who are aware we are being cornered is relatively low.
“Yes, but there is a x-factor that many people are not aware of. That is why I stay optimistic. The cult keeps us in the levels of low frequency by scaring us. Because more and more people recognise the manipulation and see through the programming, the frequency these people generate, changes. And when we realise that every one of us contributes to the collective energy field, because every thought, every perception, every emotion has a frequency, if we act out of empathy and compassion, we bring that energy into the collective field. The more people change, the more the field changes. That is the way home.”
Is it possible for everyone to awaken or find the way home?
“Socrates said that wisdom is to know how little we know. When you realise that there is always more to know, your mind is open for new possibilities. The world is the sum of human perception, which is the sum of human choices. That means that if we can change our choices and our perception, the world will change. We are here for a reason. The truth is that you do not need to seek enlightenment, you are enlightened. You are consciousness within a sea of infinite consciousness. Your consciousness can be small or infinite, that is a choice. You allowed perceptual programming to put a firewall between your five-sense-perception and your enlightenment. That is why awakening is nothing more than waking up from the programme. If people do not make that choice, they are stuck in the programme.”

The Dream


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