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The War on Travel: UK Travellers May Face 30-Day Delays For Visiting These European Countries

If you’re about to head on your holidays, you’ll probably already know that UK airports aren’t having the easiest time right now.

Thousands of travellers faced delays, complications and disruptions over the bank holiday weekend – and in a matter of months, it seems UK holidaymakers are going to have to wrap their heads around an upcoming rule when travelling to 30 countries in Europe.

The rule is set to come into force in 2024 and has come about due to Brexit changes. Seeing as Brexit means Brits will no longer have free movement across the EU, we’re going to have to apply for special travel permits to visit certain countries as of next year.

The pass costs £6

The pass is basically an entry requirement to 30 European countries.

ETIAS (European Travel Information and Authorisation System) plans to add a £6 pass to the passports of Brits who’ve purchased the permit.

Once that’s been applied (it should automatically add to your passport), you’ll be able to travel freely across Europe.

You’ll be able to apply via the official ETIAS website and through a mobile app when the pass becomes law.

However, while it should only take a couple of minutes to process the purchase, the European Union warns that the pass could end up taking as long as 30 days to clear.

“Apply for an ETIAS travel authorisation well in advance – before you buy your ticket or book your accommodation,” the EU site advises.

”Most applications will be processed within minutes and at the latest within 96 hours,” it continues. “However, some applicants may be asked to provide additional information or documentation or to participate in an interview with national authorities, which may take up to an additional 30 days.”

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