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Moment youths ‘armed with machete’ run through crowds at Notting Hill carnival as final day is ‘marred by violence’: Eight people are stabbed and police officer is sexually assaulted with total of 275 arrests across both days

A police officer was sexually assaulted and another is in hospital after a violent end to Notting Hill Carnival, which saw eight people stabbed in one night.

Video footage emerged today of a gang of youths, one holding a suspected machete, running down a west London street dressed in black and mostly wearing balaclavas as the extent of the brutality witnessed at the event was laid bare.

The Metropolitan Police Federation, which represents rank-and-file staff, described attacks on 75 officers as ‘absolutely disgusting’.

It revealed how six officers were bitten, one was sexually assaulted and one was injured so badly they ended up in hospital.

‘No wonder our members dread policing this event,’ a tweet from the federation said.

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It comes as a shocking photograph shows a boy waving what appears to be a huge machete in the air, while another picture shows the same boy appearing to point the ‘weapon’ at a person who is on the ground.

As the boys run away, police on horseback try and chase after the group, with a large crowd watching on.

Some members in the group turn their heads to check behind them as they flee but others don’t look back.

People commenting on the video have said ‘that’s why I don’t go on Monday’, which is ‘adults day’.

The Metropolitan Police said that the final day of Notting Hill carnival was ‘marred by serious violence’ after eight people were stabbed in one night.

Detectives had praised the ‘positive’ and ‘good-natured’ atmosphere across the weekend but officers were forced into action after the carnival descended into violence on Bank Holiday Monday.

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