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Sadiq Khan won’t have to pay the ULEZ charge: London mayor’s taxpayer-funded luxury 2020 Range Rover is exempt from the £12.50-a-day fee

  • ULEZ charge is set to apply to all of London’s boroughs from August 29 
  • Mr Khan’s Range Rover Sentinel is bulletproof and has a five-litre engine

London Mayor Sadiq Khan will have no worries driving around London in his taxpayer funded luxury Range Rover once the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) comes into force – as it will be exempt from the charge.

While drivers of older, cheaper cars will have to pay £12.50 for entering ULEZ, Mr Khan can sit back and enjoy his comfortable ride as he is ferried around the capital in his £300,000 James Bond style armoured plated vehicle, which is provided for him by the Metropolitan Police.

The ULEZ fee will apply to vehicles that do not meet minimum emissions standards but generally affects diesel cars registered before 2015 and cars registered prior to 2005.

Fortunately for Mr Khan, his lavish 2020 Range Rover, paid for by public funds, does not fall into this category, unlike the situation many hard-up motorists in and around London face, who are having to either buy new vehicles or pay the ULEZ charge.

Those who do not pay the £12.50 charge will be fined £180.

ULEZ originally covered inner-London but is now set to expand to cover all the capital’s boroughs from 29 August, igniting widespread fury at its financial impact on drivers and Mr Khan’s determination to bring it into force.

As drivers in and around the capital brace themselves for the new charge, he was pictured walking along streets close to his London home with his Range Rover closely following behind.

Local resident Jason Delaney told MailOnline: ‘We see him walking around here quite a lot in the mornings and the car’s always behind him. I’m not quite sure where he’s going but perhaps it’s to the Tube station because the traffic around here is awful.

‘Ironically, it’s because of all the cycle lanes and traffic calming measures that his Labour administration supports. Maybe it’s easier for Mr Khan to walk than use his fancy car? If he’s not using it, then why have it? I’m sure it costs us all a lot of money.’

Another resident added: ‘ULEZ is going to cost people a lot of money but not Mr Khan. It’s all right for him to have a new car that doesn’t have to pay the fee but what about the rest of us?

‘At least he gets to save £12.50 per day but I know a lot of people won’t. It doesn’t seem fair to me.’

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