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mRNA COVID Vaccines May Be Triggering ‘Turbo Cancers’ in Young People: Experts

Experts are seeing a puzzling rise in cancer in people younger than 50 that appears biologically different from late-onset cancers. While some claim that cancer rates have been rising for decades and attribute the increase to sugary drinks, lifestyle, and sleep disruptions, others say mRNA COVID-19 vaccines have caused an emergence of “turbo cancers.”

Although there’s no official medical definition for what doctors are calling “turbo cancers,” the term is commonly used to define aggressive, rapid-onset cancers resistant to treatment—primarily in young, healthy individuals following COVID-19 vaccination. These cases often present in a late stage with metastasis and quickly turn fatal.

“What’s happening is these cancers we’re used to seeing, their growth patterns and their behavior are completely out of character. … So ‘turbo cancer’ is something that wasn’t there and, all of a sudden, it’s everywhere,” Dr. Ryan Cole, a pathologist and CEO of Cole Diagnostics, said in an interview on EpochTV’s “American Thought Leaders.”

He told The Epoch Times in a later interview that he first noticed an uptick in certain types of cancers after the vaccine rollout in December 2020 and that he believes that researchers are starting to understand how these cancers are occurring.

“Physicians are seeing multiple types of cancers in their day-to-day practices—and in young patient cohorts where you typically don’t see cancer. Although the increase in cancer has been blamed on missed screenings, you know it isn’t due to missed screenings because young people don’t typically get screened,” Dr. Cole said.

Cancers are increasing at a rate above what’s expected, and countless doctors and clinicians around the world have confirmed this. Their patients are cancer-free for years, but then after a booster, cancers “pop up,” he said. What’s unique about turbo cancers is that they don’t respond to traditional treatment because the cells have been altered in the bone marrow, and the cells “aren’t doing what they’re supposed to.”

Studies, Case Reports of Cancer Following Vaccination

Studies and case reports of various cancers following mRNA vaccination are helping experts understand the potential mechanisms that may be allowing these cancers to proliferate.

In a recent Belgian study published in Frontiers in Oncology, researchers presented the first case of malignant lymphoma in mice. Malignant lymphoma is a rare adverse event reported following mRNA COVID-19 vaccination.

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