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Burning Man 2023: Nevada Rangers plow truck through Extinction Rebellion protest after the activists blocked road into festival causing ‘miles-long gridlock’

Rangers have smashed through a climate protest blocking the road to Burning Man in Nevada – as footage shows them taking a no-nonsense approach to the activists.

Video shows six demonstrators from Seven Circles and Extinction Rebellion jamming the street with a trailer, causing traffic chaos and miles-long gridlock.

The demonstrators locked themselves on to the trailer and appeared to clash with those trying to attend Burning Man on Sunday.

But rangers from the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribal Police Department of Nevada plowed straight through the blockade and quickly began arresting demonstrators.

One tribal officer got out of the vehicle and ordered a woman to the floor at gunpoint before telling her to ‘stop resisting’ arrest.

The eco-zealots shrieked in horror and some sobbed saying ‘we’re non-violent’ as they were hauled away.

The footage was roundly celebrated, as Americans and Brits praised cops for dealing with climate protesters who have wreaked havoc across the world in recent years.

Footage posted online shows one man telling activists that they were on ‘public property’ and had to ‘move the f***ing mess’.

Activists then tell him to call the authorities if they want them to move, as another assured him he’s ‘going to eventually get’ to Burning Man.

One woman can be seen chaining herself to the trailer as one of the protesters gets in another man’s face, saying: ‘This is a democracy, we have a right to protest’.

She tells the protester to ‘lock in and shut up’ like she did, but he continues to berate the angry driver saying: ‘every change in society came from civil disobedience, all of them.’

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