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Kentucky & Texas School Districts SHUT DOWN After ‘Surge’ Of ‘Covid’ Cases

School districts in Kentucky and Texas have shut down schools in response to a so-called “surge” in COVID-19 cases in the area.

The Lee County School District and Magoffin County Schools said they cancelled classes due to “widespread illness.”

“We’re seeing a lot of illness being reported consistent with COVID and influenza,” Scott Lockard, public health director for the Kentucky River District — which includes Lee County — told ABC News. “Lee County had a surge of cases and attendance dropped below the threshold needed to stay open, so they closed.”

“Stay home when you’re sick,” he said. “Previously it was a seen as a badge of courage, ‘Oh I haven’t missed a day of work in 40 years. I went to work sick.’ We don’t want to see people saying that. We want, ‘I had symptoms, so I stayed home because I’m considerate of my coworkers.’”

Pete Shepherd, director of Magoffin County’s Public Health Department, acknowledged that the 40 or so COVID cases have “not been as severe.”

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