Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 28 August 2023

From employee at a European airport – the systematic dismantling of air travel

I can only describe what  the situation is here, but I suppose  other airports could be similar or even the same.

1. Passengers are buying their tickets but can’t get from A to B because either the flights have delays of 36 hours or will be cancelled.

2. In the best case they are  able to get from A to B but their checked-in luggage remains still here, not only one or two, but all of them. The aircraft are leaving without any luggage.

3. I know from our loaders that they bring the luggage in time to the plane but they are not allowed to load them. Not the ramp agent, but the pilot says no. Who is giving this instruction to the pilots? (airline)

4. There is no contact point of the airlines at the airport to get information why the flight has a delay, or has been cancelled, or why the luggage is left behind. Only a few airline have their own counter here and you can contact them only via hotline which is also difficult to get somebody on the phone and the call center has no idea about  local problems. Check-in and lost and found [is done by] the cheap handling companies with few staff. Their office is usually closed because of staff shortages and they have no telephone numbers for the passengers to contact them, only email address. But the emails will not be answered.

5. If you are lucky and get to your destination and back home even with your luggage you have to wait three hours to pick it up which sometimes takes longer than the duration of the whole flight.

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