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Civil Servants Can Use Male or Female Security Passes and Can Change Gender Daily

The Home Office’s policy of issuing dual security passes to nonbinary staff for flexible gender identity presentation has critics arguing it poses security risks and unnecessarily promotes gender ideology. The Telegraph has the story.

Nonbinary staff in the Home Office are given male and female security passes allowing them to change their gender identity day by day.

According to the Home Office’s gender reassignment and gender identity policy, nonbinary officials can “present in the gender which matches their identity on a given day”.

The guidance, issued in 2010, updated in 2021, and described as “current policy”, continues: “This includes practical considerations such as access to premises.

“The department has introduced dual passes for staff that wish to attend work as more than one gender.”

Miriam Cates, the Conservative MP, told the Telegraph the nonbinary pass policy poses “serious security and safeguarding risks”.

She said: “A policy that enables someone working in what should be a secure environment to have a different identity on different days of the week is clearly open to abuse and is unworkable.

“The obsession of some senior civil servants with pushing gender ideology in the workplace is very concerning.”

Helen Joyce, the Director of Advocacy at the gender-critical group Sex Matters, said: “These ‘diversity champion’ roles are clearly being used to push contested beliefs about ‘gender identity’ as something distinct from a person’s sex.

“That’s got no basis in either U.K. law or biological reality

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