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Why Did the Co-op Debank Feminists – But Let Rose West Keep Her Account?

Brendan O’Neill in the Spectator responds to the news that in the world of ‘ethical’ woke banks, feminists get debanked for blasphemy against the trans cult while serial killers like Rose West get to keep their accounts. Here’s an excerpt.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any madder, you find out the following: at the Co-operative bank, if you’re a murderer of women you can keep your account, but if you accurately describe women as adult human females, you can’t.

According to news reports, the Co-op bank, which prides itself on being super-ethical, allowed the serial killer Rose West to keep her account. But then it debanked a feminist group on the basis that it is hostile to the rights of transgender people.

We don’t know which feminist group it was, or what exactly it says about trans rights. But we can hazard a guess. Feminists are pilloried for the mildest of blasphemies against trans ideology. Even saying “trans women are not women” – a straight-up scientific fact – is enough to get the mob tapping their pitchforks on your door these days.

So it is possible we now live in a world where someone who collaborated in the torture and murder of at least nine young women is welcome at an ethical bank, while those who say “women don’t have penises” are not.

Reader, a new level of lunacy has been reached.

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