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What Does Vogue Have Against Women’s Sport?

The Spectator‘s Debbie Hayton – a transsexual schoolteacher and journalist who believes in the reality of biological sex – responds to the controversial decision of Vogue to include just one sportswoman in its list of 25 “powerhouse” women, and he is actually a man. Here’s an excerpt.

Vogue magazine’s recent “powerhouse” of 25 “women [who are] defining – and redefining – Britain in 2023” includes one person who is not like the others. Emily Bridges is no more a woman than I am, but the transgender cyclist is the only sporting figure to have made the cut. What a kick in the teeth to the Lionesses recently returned from Australia.

We have become all too familiar with the unfolding scandal of male people displacing females in categories they thought were their own. Listening to the nonsense used by activists to justify their assertions that transwomen are somehow women is tiring and dispiriting, but we need to challenge them if we are to push back the tide.

Vogue’s commentary is disingenuous. According to the magazine, “the British Cycling Federation banned transgender athletes from the sport”. But nobody is banning Bridges from cycling. British cycling has gone out of its way to be inclusive – it has an “open category” which anyone can ride in, transgender people included.

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