Posted by Neil Hague - memes and headline comments by David Icke Posted on 27 August 2023

Microsoft Files For a Face-Tracking Patent

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A patent filed in the US shows that Microsoft is working on technology that would allow it to track a person’s face in a way so comprehensive that the device powered by the tech could be referred to as a “face reader.”

And it could be used for gaming, but also for tracking remote employees. And who knows what else in between.

Microsoft says it needs the patent approved to develop mixed reality headsets that would be cheaper yet better at “understanding” expressions on human faces.

The patent filing doesn’t go into many considerations other than those of a purely technical nature, and this in a nutshell is how the under-development technology works.

Currently, converters are used that are not only bulkier to render high resolution tracking but also cost more to manufacture.

Now Microsoft wants to replace this method of tracking with elements directly embedded, circumventing the need for converters, and also what’s referred to as processing circuit area.

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