Posted by Dwayne Henry Posted on 26 August 2023

Secret Knowledge with Michael Feeley | Ep6 | Secret Egypt: The RA Star (Teaser)

In this riveting episode of ‘Secret Knowledge,’ join Michael Feeley as he embarks on a journey to decode the enigmatic RA star, also recognized as the Christ Star. Delve into the depths of time as we explore the remnants of ancient monuments scattered across Mars, the Moon, and Jupiter, each whispering echoes of civilizations long forgotten.

Guided by the enigma of Vitruvian Man, we venture into the realm of celestial origins. Unveil the secrets held within the arms of this iconic figure and grasp the significance of the elongated pentagram. Prepare to unlock the mysteries that shroud Egypt, including the enigmatic elongated skulls, and grasp their connection to the blueprint of perfected humanity.

As the secrets of the past unfurl, we turn our gaze to the iconic Stonehenge and distant star systems, where the blueprints of humanity’s evolution lie encoded. Don’t miss this captivating episode of ‘Secret Knowledge’ as Michael Feeley unravels the cosmic origins of our existence.

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