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CDC Shuts Down V-safe App for Reporting ‘Covid Jab Injuries. Former FDA Adviser Warns It’s a ‘Terrible Idea’

CDC Shuts Down V-safe App for Reporting ‘Covid Jab Injuries. Former FDA Adviser Warns It’s a ‘Terrible Idea’

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) V-safe website quietly stopped collecting adverse event reports with no reason or explanation.

The V-safe website simply states: “Thank you for your participation. Data collection for COVID-19 vaccines concluded on June 30, 2023.”

If you go there today, V-safe directs users to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) website for adverse event reporting, even though officials continually derided VAERS as “passive” and “unverified.”

VAERS and V-safe are mutually exclusive safety collection databases operated by the FDA and CDC, respectively.

VAERS is an older way of collecting safety data where one can fill out a form online, manually, or by calling a toll-free number, whereas V-safe is a device “app” that requires online registration.

Both VAERS and V-safe collect personal information, lot numbers, dates and associated information, but V-safe was an active collection system geared towards a younger app-using demographic.

Here is the last report before deletion:

Does this mean that the CDC believes that the mRNA COVID-19 injections are so safe, that there is no need to monitor adverse event reports any longer?

What is the argument against continued monitoring, especially since the V-safe website was already up and paid for?

While the CDC’s V-safe was stealthily and abruptly turned off, refusing to accept new safety reports, to this very day the CDC continues to urge everyone ages 6 months and older to stay up to date with COVID-19 vaccines and boosters.

As a drug safety expert, I personally can’t cite another example of any agency or manufacturer halting the collection of safety data.

It seems even worse because mRNA technology is relatively new with long-term manifestations unknown.

On top of this, both manufacturers and the FDA refuse to share the list of ingredients, such as lipid nanoparticles, which could affect individuals differently and take a long time to manifest clinically.

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